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If you are not satisfied with the performance or quality of prints from our ink and toner cartridges, within 12 months after the date of your purchase, we will supply a replacement product at no cost to you.

We have Technical Support Team available if you or your customers have any issues. Please call us on 0800 337 374 or email support@freshoffice.co.nz.

If our products are proven to have damaged your printer, we will repair, or if necessary, replace the printer with an equivalent model of the same or better specifications up to the value of $1000+GST.

We reserve the right to request evidence of faults, quality issues or damage prior to sending replacement product or authorising printer repairs. Please note that you must contact us and receive our prior written approval before contacting a service agent or repairer and prior to commencing repairs. In the event that we authorise (in writing) a repair to a printer, we will nominate a repairer of our choice.

In the unlikely event of replacing a printer, the decision will be made at our sole discretion, and we will arrange and supply the printer.

0800 337 374